Much like any Cartoon Network game, Generator REX: Agent of Providence is one that resembles a slightly longer and more fleshed out episode, covering a lot of the basic storylines for new comers and throwing in a plot twist or two for fans of the series. It’s a tried and tested formula that rarely steps out of its comfort zone, following a text-book system of development and game design that’s just enough for a tie-in game.

For new initiates, Generator REX follows the story of a fifteen-year-old amnesiac teenager, Rex, who has the power/ability to deactivate nanites (yes I googled them, and according to some geek infested Sci-fi sites, they are microscopic machines that enter a person’s body and potentially alter it) from E.V.O’s (Exponentially Variegated Organisms), effectively curing them of their monstrous mutations. Though he is an E.V.O himself, he lacks any physical deformation and is able to control his active nanites, allowing him to manifest a wide variety of bio-mechanical abilities and powers.

The game is a hack-and-slash adventure that mimics the likes of God of War in gameplay, complete with light & heavy attacks, special abilities and the now infernal QTE sequences that have already missed their opportunity for a graceful exit from the medium and now need to be outright cancelled and shelved. Taking no longer than a handful of hours to complete, with the only deaths I endured being due to camera issues or annoying platforming sections, the game is clearly tailored for the younger ones who watch the show and would love nothing more than to invest a few more hours of their time in its lore.

The design of the game, expectantly leaves a lot to be desired with generic locations and enemies, clunky animations, and physical detection that swings between “Did that just happen?” and WTF. You are scarcely in control of REX’s attack orientation and following up on a combo is a lottery in itself. Weapons are varied and were probably all included to accompany the cartoon, but they feel a bit much for a 4 hour game: Three primary weapons, three Omega weapons (special abilities) and boot augmentations that are forced on you in certain parts. The bosses, also, are a breeze to go through and follow a repeated sequence of abilities and/or actions before they open up and embrace your ass whipping: No challenge.


Generator REX: Agent of Providence is available for XBOX360 (reviewed), PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS