Right, we’ve all played Skyrim and made Bethesda rich and happy, but underneath all the charm, we all undoubtedly have some wishes that we hope will be answered in the 6th installment.

This post, presented to you in two parts, will hopefully be the last Skyrim related post that I publish…until the DLC’s are eventually released, that is. It’s been a great journey, but I’d like to believe that I have more than The Elder Scrolls on my mind.

Without further delay, allow me to present to you my wishes for the next Elder Scrolls game.

1) Tagging People Tagging people in Skyrim

Problem: I can not tell you how much time I wasted trying to locate certain people in the game. Sure, mission objectives are highlighted with an arrow over their head, but what if I am training in conjuration and need to find the intended instructor? Not only do I have to remember what part of the world he or she’s in, but also where to find him/her. If the desired instructor just lives in a town as opposed to belong to an institute or specific location, good luck locking them down with ease.

Solution: In the same way that we can tag locations on the map, wouldn’t it be great if the same applied to people? I’m fine with being limited to one at a time.

2) Better Integration of Allies

Problem: During your travels, you are bound to meet adventurers willing to join you. The problem is that you have little to no control over their actions and fighting stances, ultimately forcing you to baby sit them or go at the game solo the way I did.

Solution: Since Fallout 3 was a clear inspiration to some of the game mechanics, an important feature that was left out is the ability to direct your allies’ combat stances (offensive / defensive) as well as exploring their back stories just like in New Vegas. It would also be great if you could see your allies/summons on the compass, and not have to search for them or wait for them to catch up with you. Their path finding can suck ass.

3) Smarter CompassSmarter Compass in Skyrim

Problem: During play, the compass is your one-way ticket to truly explore Skyrim and its locations. Always updating in accordance with your location, you will rarely find yourself checking back with the map, save for the occasional dire situation or two. However, and specially after you acquire the “Become Ethereal” shout, jumping off of balconies and cliffs becomes a norm that your compass just never gets the hang of. If you’ve accomplished your objective and need only hand it over to someone located just below you, the compass expects you to back-track through the whole area and does not expect you take a jumping shortcut.

Solution: The compass needs to be made smarter where it modifies its path and offers you the best possible route according to your current location.

4) Less pointless roomsLess pointless loading Skyrim

Problem: Playing games like The Elder Scrolls, at least on current consoles/PC’s, comes hand in hand with loading screens. That’s fine, but when you’re told to enter an inn and talk to someone who tells you to meet him at the stables outside of town, it sucks ass. Count with me: That’s one loading screen to enter town, one to enter the inn, one to leave the inn and at least one more to get to the stables. All that in less than 2 minutes of play.

Solution: I expect to wait while the area loads, just make sure I’m somehow rewarded before slapping me with another loading screen. This, of course, does not apply to you if you fancy accessing random houses for the hell of it or if you possess a monster PC.

5) Lingering Missions

Problem: A quick look through your mission listing, specially those in the miscellaneous category, will probably expose to you one or two missions that are void and can never be  considered ‘completed’ by the game. This is solely because you decided to go about them in a manner that the game did not anticipate. Case in point: The Thieve’s Guild. Joining the guild only happens when you encounter Brynjolf in Riften, and though it is listed in your missions for you to talk to him, if he approaches you instead, like he did in my playthrough, that mission is not considered completed and never will.

Solution: Smarter mission listings or better task structure that will work hand in hand with the smarter compass.

6) Finders Keepers

Problem: Stealing an item makes it yours. It should not be tagged ‘Stolen’ for all eternity, unless it is of relevant mission/story/world value. If I steal an item, travel from one end of the land to the other, drop it in front of a guard, the game still thinks you are stealing it and you will be penalized.

Solution: Again, a smarter methodology in dealing with your inventory that will recognize items you stole as your own unless they are of mission value or you are caught by their owner.

7) Additional Perks

Problem: The available perks are great and really do well to flesh out the gameplay experience, but if there is one perk that I would have loved to add is the ability to spot arrows on the ground for bow users.

Solution: Unless you’re also becoming a conjuror and are able to summon a bow (something I highly suggest you do as the summoned bow is unparalleled in ranged attack damage), you are going to spend some time picking up arrows from bodies and from the ground. Having them stand out would be of great assistance and would make sense for a ranger.

8) It’s called a ‘Chain’ not a ‘Bolt’

Problem: This is me being at my most anal, but when I read chain lightning, I imagine a constant flow of thunder being emitted from my finger tips, much like a teslacoil. What I got instead was a charged shock spell that is let out in bursts. Blekh.

Solution: Though it delivers the intended effect by spreading to other foes, why constrict it to bursts? Let it flow until your magika gets depleted!

9) Finishers for casters and archers

Problem: Though my weapons of choice are the bow and my magic spells, I am green with envy at the finishers that melee combat players are awarded. Some of the kills are epic in nature, involving the impaling of an enemy or the beheading of another.

Solution: Some balance in gameplay offerings. Let my arrow rip an enemy’s head off or push him/her to the nearest wall and hang him/her there bleeding to death. Let my spells overpower and cause an aura of devastation on foes. No need to be biased towards one or two handed weapons. Share the joy!