Fact: I’m not a Nintendo fan. I never played any of the Zelda games growing up, I’ve probably experienced less than 23% of the Super Mario games, experienced the SNES twice, and spent more time on my smartphones then on Gameboys and DS’s (DSi and 3DS) combined.

Fact: Though I’m a massive RPG fan, The only D&D’s I actually experienced were Dunkin Donuts. True, most if not all the games I thoroughly entertain are inspired by D&D lore and game rules, and every time my people talk to me of their experience, their story starts with “When we had a dungeon master…”, but there’s little you can do with a voluminous rule book and no one to play with.

Fact: I am not a game designer and have little understanding of gaming businesses or business as a whole. I’m just a dude with an idea that I hope will be implemented in the near future. Maybe someone’s already working on it, but if not, I hope that posts like this one inspire an eventual game and people who post such ideas openly are given the opportunity to participate in their development, even if it were free of charge.


The upcoming Nintendo console WiiU is looking to be fantastic and I am confident that it will hit a market that equates that of the Wii. I can easily name countless games that would work on it and put the touch panel to perfect use, even though each console is said to be shipped with only one.

Anyone can play D&D, regardless of age and game cred, but the most important role is the dungeon master, one who understands the rules of the game and is creative enough to keep the story moving. Unfortunately, becoming one is a daunting task that requires research, study, creativity and whole lot of experience.

Now check this out: The WiiU can host 4 players, maybe more, with one person taking charge of the touch panel. What if a D&D game is developed exclusively for it, with the dungeon master taking charge of the panel, adding game elements and story twists that the other players will see and experience on TV and live? The game can be designed in a way that offers themes that players can go through (dungeons, planets, barren lands…etc.) and situations whose results differ in accordance with players’ decisions, actions and classes. The dungeon master would have options laid out for him/her to choose from, ranging from approving gamers’ actions to summoning beasts and situations for the players.

Save files and instances may be saved on the cloud, or carried around via Wii remote and taken to friends’ houses in order to pick up the game. Gamers can also continue the game online by having all players connect.

DLC may be developed as well that offers more monsters, more themes, more classes.

I think this idea would definitely rock and I would be the first one on board to buy it and play it with my people.