When last I encroached upon an atmospheric experience, I was sourly disappointed. Scene after scene of repetitive actions proved an unwelcome addition in my game library and had me take a step back with the genre, defensive measures in full effect. That Game Company‘s repertoire was this game’s only remaining grace for me and I, like many of my gaming brethren, stood on the sidelines, fingers crossed and impatiently waiting for that 100% on my PSN download status.

Let me start my review with this word: Wow. Not the abbreviation of a certain successful game, but the emotion of splendor, fascination and joy. From the opening of the game to its end credits, Journey delivers in every aspect and grants a unique experience that will long be the subject of discussion among gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. Taking no more than a handful of hours to go through, with the promise of replayablity discretely hidden in its sense of purpose, Journey opens a world of imagination and introduces a multiplayer element that seems to be neglected by designers and abundantly replaced with bullets and ranking systems.

The story is open for interpretation and is only exposed to you through a haunting storyboard of events. You are a wanderer fulfilling your destiny, that much I can say, and the journey lying ahead of you will do more than reveal its full scope for you. Much like flOw and Flower, the controls are straight forward and welcoming to all audiences with only two buttons bound to actions in the game, one of which calls out a symbol that will forever be your nameplate. New techniques are introduced to you via simple puzzles and the rest is left for you to master. Multiplayer, only made online, is dealt with differently in Journey: There are no matching screens or levels of progress, you simply start the game and encounter another player from around the world who happens to be playing in that same level. More chances than not, you will both finish the game together and experience true joys of companionship, free of challenge and rank, with your companion’s identity only revealed at the end of the credits. You are all existing on the realm to help and assist each other. Being walked around by a random gamer, in my case GAMNAMU, who reveals to you the secrets of every level is a wonder that need only be explained through experience: You have to try it to fully grasp the sensation.

There is little else that I can say about this game without revealing too much. It is sadly a PS3 exclusive, which means XBOX 360 and PC gamers will have to huddle up at their friends’ home for this experience, but it will be absolutely worth it.

Journey is a PS3 exclusive