I watched ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ last night, and though I found it to be inspirational and well done, it did not strike the chords I was expecting it to. First of all, much like E3, it’s not really about the games but about the developers behind them. I discovered more about Phil Fish than I did on the actual development of Fez, which was not what I was looking forward to seeing.

Though I had seen the trailer and already knew where the movie would go, I just felt a little more details about the actual creative process of coming up with now classic games like Super Meat Boy and Braid would have been fantastic. Yes, these people take risks and they are modern-day heroes for gamers like me, but I wanted to know about Indie Games, not Indie Developers.

Half way through, I started wondering why these three games (Fez, Braid, Super Meat Boy) were given the spotlight over the likes of Minecraft and Dear Esther. Was it out of the directors’ convenience? Were these games hand selected for content that was suitable for the documentary? Does the fact that they are all on the XBOX360, two of which being exclusives to the platform, play a role in this? Not saying anything, just putting it out there.

Regardless if this movie was a mere advertising campaign for XBLA, it was a good watch and helped in humanizing the people behind these games. I just wish they were able to squeeze in updated info about Fez post-release as the movie stops at Fez‘s release date in early 2012.

If you’re a gamer, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie, just keep in mind that it’s not about the games.