There are a lot of games that are released on a seasonal basis, let alone yearly. Some of these games are great, but with the muddle of AAA releases and binges of ridiculous consumerism, you are bound to miss out on one or two of them, forcing you to blurt out nonsense like ‘oh, I heard of it, but I was never really interested’ when asked about it. First of all, you probably know nothing about said game for you to express your lack of interest, and secondly, just shut up.

In my quest to replay the past, I must give credit to my associate who has brought great games back to my attention and given them their place in my library: Steam.

But I digress.

Stacking, to say the least, is one of the most original games to date. It’s a simple puzzler that never outstays its welcome and always manages to reinvent itself with its constant supply of ideas and solutions.

You play the role of Charlie Blackmore, a young boy whose father mysteriously disappears due to debts, forcing the whole family into slavery to pay it off. The catch? You’re a matryoshka doll, and so is everyone else! You go through the game solving puzzles by stacking yourself in to other characters and adopting their skills. Each puzzle or objective has more than one solution, with hints for each subtly included in each scene. Not a puzzle game fan? No need to run to online wikis for the solutions as the game comes packaged with a set of hints that will spoon feed you the answer if need be. Awesome.

Some characters you encounter will be part of a full set of dolls that you will have to run around to collect. If successful, you are shown a special cut scene that relates to them and they will forever huddle next to each other from then on.

Whether you’re in to that kind of games or not, Stacking is a brilliant side attraction that is not meant to be played in one go, but rather over sessions as a breather between your other games.

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