When I downloaded this game, OXmossess widened his eyes and blurted out what sounded like,:”Dude! This is THE game!” Having not heard of it previously myself, I questioned the authenticity of his claim and carried on deleting stuff off the memory card so my Vita can attempt to launch it. 30 or so minutes later, the download was complete and I excitingly plugged my ears and tapped the game  icon out of need to finally immerse myself in a new experience.

Being greeted with a title screen that suspiciously looked like it borrowed a style or two from Soul Calibur raised the tiniest of warning flags in my mind. Let me be honest: The game does not seem to be all that bad, but the whole concept of running around killing monsters to collect their essence has never, and probably never will, communicate with me. Series like Pokemon and Monster Hunter are based around that simple concept that seems to fascinate some gamers to no end; I just am not one of these gamers.

I may take an objective look at the game and attempt to stay close to its core and intention, but out of fairness, and while I played this demo for a good 2 hours, someone else should take care of the actual game. Someone who understands the joy that these games are meant to induce a player with.

Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita exclusive and will be available May 1st