NetherRealm’s upcoming fighter, Injustice The Mighty Among Us, or so it’s being called in this part of the world, has a mobile version that you can play now.

This game is a freemium title that you can currently download from the iTunes app store. Before you launch a hate tirade on this sort of games, trust us we dislike them just as much, know that asides from being an overly elaborate promo for the actual game, it’s actually more fun than your average freemium. All your favorite characters are there and the mechanics, mundane as they are, are suitable for the platform they’re on and don’t try to make the game something it’s not.

Peculiarly, the game is a 3v3 affair only. You choose your characters and proceed to obliterate enemy combinations on different stages with no story-line or motivation save for fulfilling ultimate domination. The more you play, the more characters, skins and upgrades you unlock with the obvious choice available for you to pay for them.

Combat boils down to swipes and taps. Not the deepest method, but as mentioned earlier, embraces the limitations of the platform and succeeds in delivering momentary entertainment that is best utilized to kill time.

Check out the game here.