With so many artists and writers budding in the region, someone was bound to step up to the plate to offer them guidance and a stepping stone for them to establish themselves. Enter Jabal Entertainment.

Started by Sohaib Awad who himself was picked up by IDW publishing during last year’s ComiCon, Jabal Entertainment aims to support the countless regional talents by urging them to contact him via his social media presences with their ideas so that he may assist them as much as he can. Best case scenario, their ideas/work will be picked up and published like that of Maey Al-Shoush’s whom we also interviewed  in this video. Worst case scenario, the applicant is guided and shared experience in order to better the work for potential publication in the future. It’s win-win if you ask me.

Check out Jabal Entertainment on facebook & twitter and a massive Gamer’s Salute to all applicants!