Defiance is an MMO third person shooter that takes place several decades in the future where an alien species called the Votans have come to Earth looking for a new home, and of course, humans were more than glad to welcome them. but they eventually make peace, so no worries there.

You play an Ark Hunter who works for Von BACH, who sends you to find Arkfalls, which are parts from alien spaceships that crashed on earth, and have advanced technology which is valuable to Von Bach.

The background of Defiance isn’t well explained in the game, yet i think that it was intended because they wanted the players to also watch the TV show.

When you start playing any MMO game for the first time you expect to just take hours creating and customizing your character, but in Defiance you don’t get to enjoy giving a unique look to your characters sine there are only 2 species with very limited facial customizations.

not to mention the characters design look very strange and its not in anyway appealing.

though the graphics aren’t top notch, the ps3 was still not able to run the game smoothly. I was getting really unbearable frame rate drops which at some point just made me rage quit the game. Even Crysis 3, which uses cry engine 3, still has a better frame rate than defiance, the world design looks good ,looking at it from far distance,  but once you take a close look you tend to have second thoughts.

I’m hoping this is temporary but there are numerous bugs in the game to a point that  you can’t take the game seriously anymore, and did they forget to put the game files on the disc? cause it took me hours to download the patch files which kinda throws off any player who just got home and plugged in their game expecting to instantly play it.

the game still is very much fun to play and has great mechanics which kinda reminds me of just cause 2 and simple vehicle mechanics considering its an MMO, the weapons upgrading system is like borderlands, no matter how powerful your weapon is, there is always a stronger one.

The AI in the game is specifically made for controllers which is of course an advantage to the consoles, but very terrible for the PC, if you are playing on the pc it is strongly recommended to play it with a controller as it will make your life much easier.

Each ark hunter has and Environmental guardian online aka EGO, which gives you 4 different types of abilites, the cloak, Overcharge, Decoy and blur. which i think 2 of those aren’t that different, but you only get to use on of them, which is probably cause they want to make the game controller friendly.

PVP is really great. In most MMO games, ranking makes a huge difference regarding a player’s ability, fortunately that is not the case for defiance. Everyone has the same amount of health but the weapons are only slightly different for higher level players, however the PVP is unfair to the sniper classes since most maps are small in size. Sadly for the middle east you might experience a lot of lag during PVP matches.

one thing i disliked about MMO games is that whenever i go on a quest i have to read the story and what i’m gonna do in this quest, in defiance, all quests, main quests at least have cut-scenes which i honestly find it the best thing about defiance, yet the dialogue is corny and all around stupid, but eventually, the quests get repetitive, shoot enemies, hold down square, and shoot more enemies.

Defiance an easy game specially for a new MMO player like me, and though it is buggy, you still try to excuse it for being an MMO.