”Save the last humans” is the first thing I heard upon booting up Resogun. A cyber female voice echoing from my controller. Yes, this is the PS4, and with it comes new gimmicks such as the one that produces sounds from your controller. Behold Resogun, the PS4 flagship game and the first free PS+ giveaway to every person who purchased a PS4.

So, what is Resogun, and why is it so much fun to play? Well, in a nutshell, this is the next-gen version of Defender. You have a 2D playing field that has you defeat wave after wave of aliens, gather power-ups and ”save the last humans”. The ‘humans’ are tiny green blobs trapped in cells that will only open when you destroy specific enemies called ”keepers”. After that comes the process of picking the humans up with your ship and guiding them to the safety of your local friendly neighborhood teleporter. Easy enough, right? Wrong.


You have to defeat hordes upon hordes of vicious enemies that seem to have nothing better to do then to destroy you and the humans. Failing to destroy the ‘keepers’ will also doom the poor humans, and while their death is of no apparent consequence, it will impact the most important aspect of the game, and why you’re probably playing Resogun in the first place: Leaderboards. Yes, this game is a highscore chaser and a terrific one to boot: Simple, fun and an easy time waster, depending on your mood.

The playing area is basically a cylinder. You move in all directions, but can only shoot left and right, which is sadly a far cry from the previous Stardust. You have a choice of 3 crafts, each with different attributes and overdrives, area clearing super weapons, but all crafts share the same bombs and burst attacks, which makes you lunge at opponents and become invincible for a limited period of time. Be careful, however, as overdrive is hard to get and the burst can be deceiving at times, causing you an early and unintentional death.


Music is adrenaline induced, the voices and effects are amazing and the graphics… dear lord the graphics. For the untrained eye, Resogun looks like a Vita game at most, but a closer look will expose to you the millions upon millions of particles filling the screen as the enemies shatter into tiny pieces, and before you know it, the entire landscape crumbles before you in a slow-mo extravaganza!

Multiple difficulties, leaderboards , and fun trophies and challenges all combine to present an experience that you will be coming back for, over and over again.

Resogun is the kind of game that will always give you the feeling of ‘just one more go’ but end up sapping away your entire afternoon.