”OMG, OMG, OMG, What is that? how many of them are there? What is that sound? Is there something behind me? Why won’t he just die? Did  blow off his eyeball? No, no, no, no, no, I need more bullets, I am going to die, I can’t believe I pulled that off, let’s move on”

These are the words that you will yell out playing Rebellion’s latest foray into the Sniper elite franchise, a dark, gritty and highly challenging 4 player co-op zombie shooter.

First things first Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 is brutal, and I mean that in a very literal way. If you have a weak stomach and can’t stand the sight of blood, decapitation, demonic relics and just about every disgusting thing that exists, then please back away from this game. Never in my life have I seen a darker and more revolting game; heads explode, organs puncture, and you have levels filled with disemboweled bodies, and tortured and mangled corpses in such horrible rituals that can make even the most determined gamer just look in utter shock. This is a dark game in every sense of the word, and I love it for this art style.

About style and story, you are a lone hero (or a group of 4) sent to recover an ancient artifact that can stop the curse that turned the entire Nazi army into zombies. You are armed with your choice of 3 main weapons and an assortment of grenades, mines and explosives to cut through the many levels to assemble the 3 pieces of the relic. Along the way you will fight an array of undead soldiers, skeletons, elite warriors, demons and some very disturbing mind tricks in this wonderful third person shooter. Levels are well made but slightly linear, with most fights consisting of ‘Siege stages’ where you have to withstand an onslaught of enemies than can easily gang up on you unless you are well prepared. The ‘Elite’ soldiers are really some of the most ferocious enemies I have ever encountered, while the fire demons and resurrectors will cause you major annoyances. Sniper Elite NZA2 is one game that will challenge you and your trigger finger to the max.

One of the most impressive parts of this game is the ”Kill cam” which basically slows down time and shows you how the bullet strikes and takes down the enemy in a glorious x-ray fashion. Prepare to see what organs are punctured and what bones are shattered, all in such amazing detail. Teeth will be pulled out, eyes can be gouged, bullets can be reflected by helmets, pass through flesh and continue to hit another target. While the physics are not 100% accurate, they are still pretty impressive and are such a joy to watch, be it the first time or the 1000th time you’ve seen them. You will always be thrilled to see if you can manage to get that long range bulls-eye, or the famous ”through the scope” sniper vs. sniper hit. Art I tell you, real art.

Never has a game reminded me of  Doom as much as Sniper Elite NZA2. At its core, it is a simple game, go from point A to point B, kill everything that moves and have fun alone or with friends. The graphics are out of this world and employ many bells and whistles that can cripple even the mightiest PC if all settings are turned on to the max. Textures are very detailed and painfully realistic, so if you want next gen graphics, then this is the game to go to, just make sure you have a powerful rig that can run it. It can, of course, run on low end systems, but Sniper Elite NZA2 deserves a powerhouse to appreciate it. Maybe it is time to buy that awesome graphic card? hum?

Sniper Elite NZA2 doesn’t play it safe: Emblems are everywhere, Hitler himself is shown, swastikas, pentagrams, offerings, decapitated heads, omens… you name it and it has it. I really can’t recommend this game to those easily offended because let’s face it, this game needs a great mood and atmosphere to be enjoyed. If blood or anti-religious signs bother you, then just pretend this game doesn’t exist and let others enjoy a fast paced arcade game.

Sniper Elite NZA2 is super cheap and doesn’t require the original game to play, what more can you ask for? While some gamplay physics can be wonky, and close quarter combat a bit hard, the pros overweight the cons so much that you will be blasting your way to the final level wishing that when Sniper Elite V3 comes out later this year, Nazi Zombie Army 3 will follow.


Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 is available on PC (reviewed), PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U