Legendary !!

That was the impression of everyone who attended this year’s edition of the annual Middle East Film and Comic Conference (MEFCC). But first you might want to ask, What is MEFCC?

MEFCC is a culture shock that started three years ago and caused an impact in the region, something that has never happened before in this part of the world.  Judging by the massive number of attendees, you can tell that people loved the idea of hanging around in a place full of celebrities and cosplayers, buying rare collectibles, and having a blast while it lasts.

This year, MEFCC upped all the bars, and committed a major upgrade at all levels. Though having spent no less than 7 hours per day of the entire 3 days of the Con there, I wasn’t able to see everything, or get enough of it. Are you a fan of classic cartoons? No problem. Abdelsattar’s booth had you covered with  statues of Captain Majed and Jongar. Hadoukenido’s booth on the other hand was a Retro Games table, loaded with a plethora of goodies for collectors.

Into super heroes? You were able to play the Iron Man VR game, and take a shot next to the almighty Hulk. More of a consumerist? Geekay Games’ booth was displaying tons of awesome T-shirts and figurines. Not a fan of that either? No problem. You could have stopped  by any of the talented exhibitors out there, whether you want to buy a rare comic, or ask for a custom made painting signed by the artists. It was all there.

But MEFCC is not only about comics and art. The gigantic PLG Arena, set on a massive space within the con, hosted a number of eSports that rallied the masses to compete against each other. Whether you were a FIFA pro, a Call of Duty veteran, or a DOTA champion, you had the opportunity of competing against world champions the likes of Team Alliance (DOTA2) for a chance to win valuable prizes.

Let alone the energetic feeling of playing on a huge screen while a massive crowd spectated and cheered. I have witnessed a lot of gaming tournaments in the region, but what I saw at MEFCC was easily on par with global events.

And what’s a ComicCon without a cosplay contest? I had to stop and stare in awe at the awesome costumes multiple times, and the diversity and quality of this year’s cosplays was unbelievable. From an insanely impressive Gundam to perfected Jhomaru, it was all there. It truly felt as if all the anime and movie characters decided to come to life and attend the event.

Not convinced how fantastic MEFCC was? You could have caught celebrities walking around the event and took photos with them. From Seth Green, Breaking Bad’s Gustav and MEFCC constant Max Landis, everyone of them was having fun embracing the passion of the fans. If you were a cosplayer, I hope you took off helmet before taking a shot with the celebrities, otherwise no one would believe it was you.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there were many competitions, live bands, great music, good food , bean bags and an infinite supply of orange soda. But were you to give in to sloth, and trust me, the organizers made it easy for you to, you would have missed on a lot of the epic stuff happening at the event. There was not a single dull moment from the moment the event started till the very last moment of it.

Having seen all the wonders in this year’s MEFCC,  I can’t help but imagine all the stunning stuff that will be happening next year, but for now, all I can do is flip through through my photos, replaying all the videos that I’ve taken, and wait for the calendar to skip to next year’s MEFCC.

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