Rebellion’s beloved WW2 themed tactical shooter is back with bigger maps and a bag of new tricks, but does this third game in the series clean up all the mess made by the last game, or does it sink deeper into oblivion for being just another generic shooter?

Sniper Elite 3_review_1

Karl Fairburn is back one more time as the hero of the allied forces against the axis, but this time his battle is in the black continent where he is hell-bent on killing an officer planning to build a mega tank that will turn the war to the axis’s favor.

Don’t expect a deep plot or any interesting characters; this game’s story is as minimal and as generic as they come, but who needs a great story to kick some Nazi butts? As a compensation, however, both the presentation and the actual game are stunning and effective.

Sniper Elite 3 feels more polished and much more colorful than the previous ones, with foliage and an abundance of light and greenery that add an extra layer of life to the previous games’ drab and somewhat shabby looks. It is stunning when played in high-res and suffers little tearing and frame rate drops on new-gen consoles and PC’s.

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Afrika is a much more open-ended game than previous ones in the series with big maps, multiple objectives and optional side quests that are spread apart and can be tackled in multiple ways.

The game has a new and improved stealth system with a one-hit kill melee stealth attack and the ability to relocate after being spotted by the enemy. AI does a fair job of keeping you on your toes on lower difficulties, and growing insanely OP on harder difficulties.

Ballistic physics, wind velocity and G-force elements are more realistic than before and offer their own challenge that can add many hours to your initial playthrough, specially in this dry gaming season.

There are also a good amount of collectibles and secrets that you can find hidden in very unusual places and the multiplayer is also a great bonus, offering you the ability to play the whole game in co-op which provides another handful of solid hours of fun.

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As usual, the meat of the game, the x-ray kill cam, is still here and this time it looks even better than ever. The added layer of muscular tissues and veins makes the kills even more satisfying as you watch the bullet painfully rip the tissues, bones and organs of the helpless victims. The x-ray kills are one of the biggest guilty pleasures in the history of gaming,  and you can’t help but cringe the first time you land a testicle shot from a 100 meters, but you will get used to it. You will find yourself going for an x-ray shot over and over again until you exploit every single internal organ in the fascist regime.

Sniper Elite 3 is a game that makes you enjoy each and every kill and lets you brag about how well you landed your shot on a given distance. It is not all sniping, however, as you can still use your silenced pistols and machine guns to kill enemies but the real heart of the game is in the long ranged kills, and thankfully, you can almost always mask your shots with many noises in the background as long as you have patience, but that is the spirit of the sniper–patience.

Sniper Elite 3 is not a perfect game and has some minor flaws, but the whole package just oozes excellence. It is a well made game with high production values that will please old and new fans of the series alike. The single player campaign might be a tad short, but the replay value is high and the multiplayer modes will keep you well entertained long after the credits roll.