KOEI TECMO Europe today unveiled the SAMURAI WARRIORS 4: Special Anime Pack, celebrating a decade of the tactical action series exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, scheduled for release on 23rd October  2014, along with the PlayStation®3 and PS®Vita handheld system versions.


Conceived with the intention to honour dedicated players of the series, fans can look forward to a treasure trove of “must-have” SAMURAI WARRIORS content in the SAMURAI WARRIORS 4: Special Anime Pack including:

–       “Special Anime Pack” 10th anniversary Collectors Edition packaging

–       SAMURAI WARRIORS: Legend of the Sanada anime (Blu-ray Disc)

–       SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 game (PlayStation 4)

–       SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Official Soundtrack (CD)

–       Special Costume Pack 4: Garcia, Ina, Nene and Oichi (DLC)

–       Old Costume Pack 1: Yukimura, Mitsuhide, Nobunaga, Noh, Oichi, and Ranmaru (DLC)

–       Edit Parts Pack 1 which allows facial and Western themed armor customization (DLC)


SW4 Special Anime Pack


The company also revealed two collections of pre-order incentives for SAMURAI WARRIORS 4:

Available at Game or for digital purchases via the PSNstore: DLC bundle containing the following items:

–       Scenario Pack 1: New stages “Sinister Beauties” and “Men of Charm and Courage”, new items “Gold Lacquered Box” and “Lion Censer”

–       Special Costumes for: Mitsunari Ishida and Toyohisa Shimazu

Available with purchases via ShopTo.net:

–       Weapon Pack 1: New weapons for over 25 characters

And finally, available from independent retailers through CentreSoft DLC bundle containing the following items:

–       Old Costume Pack 2: Costumes inspired by the original SAMURAI WARRIORS for Keiji Maeda, Kenshin Uesugi, Kunoichi and Shingen Takeda