Bungie is really listening to the players! The first DLC for Destiny, Crota’s End, came with many issues starting with weapons being refreshed and upgraded and higher than your 300 mark. Players felt that it wasn’t really fair that their beloved guns are almost obsolete since the new ones are at 331 mark.


As per this thread on NeoGaf from the lead designer Luke Smith, those mistakes will be avoided,” Nothing specific to announce at this time, but the mistakes we made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated ” he said. The comparison was made between the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End in terms of loot and drops.


Further more, he pointed out that the Shards economy is going to be fixed during the course of time ” We’re not intending to adjust the shard economy for this Tier — we don’t want to invalidate player effort (again). But removing the barrier between that new drop you’re excited to get and actually being able to equip it as a member of your arsenal are something we will do going forward. ”


With all of that said, it looks like it will be a bright new day for the upcoming DLC, House Of Wolves, some time in March this year and till then guardians you need to do what you do best, waiting for Tuesdays!