The 19th century, where the events of The Order take place, was one populated with the most inventions and theoretical advancements–think the likes of Nikola Tesla and Charles Darwin both of whom appear in game. However, in this interpretation of London during its Victorian era, Darwin’s evolution theory may have missed the mark, judging by the half-breeds you will encounter.

The Order: 1886_review_1

You are Sir Galahad, a knight from a special order of King Arthur’s descendants who go by the name of ‘The Order’.  Your directive as a member of this order is to eliminate any threat deemed by the Queen or your order itself, and though werewolves present themselves as the dominant threat, things take a twist down the line, forcing Sir Galahad to modify his prerogative. The Order: 1886_review_2

Back in 2013, Ready At Dawn presented a glimpse of what the game will be during E3  and promised a great experience in terms of gameplay and graphics, and on the latter note, they delivered. They also never promised a deep storyline, but that was expected and its absence is more than felt.



1- Graphics are beyond whatever had been promised and free of glitches and bugs.

2- The audio compliments the graphical prowess, making it easier to immerse yourself in the game’s environments.

3- Cutscenes are integrated into the gameplay to present a seamless experience.

4- Fancy some steampunk? Weapons and gadgets are original and much attention has been invested on their designs.

5- Werewolves are awesome, and their shape-shifting is taken straight from the pages of a Hollywood blockbuster.



1- The game never really leaves your hands and insists on telling you what to do, even in obvious situations.

2- Beyond your set path, you are not capable of interacting with any of the environments or the people in them.

3- The Order is built around teamplay, where is the co-op option?

4- The story is almost obsolete.


Now, let’s talk about the duration that as you can see I didn’t include in my review. Prior to The Order’s release, a leaked gameplay video found its way to Youtube, clocking the game at five hours. This ignited a lot of debate regarding the price of the game and what studios are charging gamers for.

I played the game and it took me almost 11 hours to complete. I am not a slow gamer, but why on earth you would play a game for a fast or quick run. Where is the fun in that? Was the streamer not curious about what may be behind a corner or what kind of finds you might discover in rooms? Taking a tour around Tesla’s lab is a pleasure in its own!

A game is either good or bad in it’s own realm, regardless of its completion time. The Order 1886 is enjoyable for what it asks of gamers.


The Order 1886 is a PS4 exclusive. We purchased a copy for review purposes.