With recent teasers and speculations about the upcoming new installment of the Call Of Duty franchise Black Ops 3, Treyarch tweeted the following hashtag: #BackInBlack .

We dug deeper through all the hype and confusion, and here are some of the findings we came upon:


1- There will be no Exo suits in Black Ops 3.

2- The events will again take place in the future.

3- This new Black Ops will include some references to previous Call Of Duty titles like “BlackOut” from COD4: Modern Warfare.

4- #BackInBlack in itself carries some references with it (I just love digging for these details!). “Back In Black” is an album by the legendary band AC/DC. In the same album, there is a song called “Back In Black” that contains the following lyrics: I got nine lives cat’s eyes, using every one of them and runnin’ wild . Since the teaser possesses a Matrix feel, supplying the futuristic feel I had previously mentioned, “cat’s eyes” might refer to some sort of advanced helmets or advanced soldiers. The lyric “Runnin'” might also refer to some kind of new advanced soldiers and super soldiers who can run fast!

5- In the teaser video, the following coordinates are displayed: 30.0500N,31.2333E, and with the help of Google Maps, I was able to identify the location to being a place in Egypt. There were also more coordinates but I don’t have the means to move the video frame by frame and so I was able to pinpoint Egypt by pausing the video at the exact right moment.

Black Ops 3 - teaser reveal - Region 2 - 1 Black Ops 3 - teaser reveal - Region 2 - 2

6- there will definitely be a new zombie mode.


I will keep updating this post, but do let me know if you come across any intel for yourself! Until then, we will have to await the official reveal from Treyarch which is slated to be unveiled on the 26th of April.