In Sky Wings, you take on the role of a daring pilot seeking to fulfill a family legacy by collecting coins and dodging dangerous obstacles. Stormy clouds, immovable trees, sturdy rocks, stubborn shrubs, other airplanes, and beautiful-yet-deadly floating mountains (think Avatar) must be dealt with if you want to become the Ultimate Champion.

Founded in 2013 by Ahmed Bukhatir, Woweez is a game development studio based in the United Arab Emirates. Inspired by many innovative and creative games that were launched at the beginning of the mobile game era, Ahmed wanted to create his own games and have his company play an innovative role in growing the game industry in the UAE. In addition to Ahmed, other Woweez team members include project manager Waleed Hakim, programmer Mohammad Kamran, and game artist Yogesh Shetgaonkar.  The studio’s goal is to create addictive, fun and creative games for everyone.

Sky Wings will be released on April 6 on both Android and iOS platforms

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