Every time Capcom announces a new Resident Evil game I get skeptical, driven away with mixed emotions about how the game is going to be. Is it going back to its roots, or is it going to be another modern shooter wearing the mask of a franchise being killed over the decades? That’s exactly how I felt the moment I started playing Resident Evil Revelations 2.

revelations 3

Revelations 2 is an episodic game that is divided into four episodes, each consisting of two parts. There are a couple of side missions as well, but I will leave their details for you to unravel for yourself.

The first segment of each episode puts you in the shoes of Claire Redfield who is accompanied by Moira Burton, Barry Burton’s daughter who was a member of the alpha team sent to the mansion in the first Resident Evil game. Both ladies are trapped on a remote island and are trying to figure out how they got there in the first place. The island is infested with horrors controlled by a lunatic who calls herself the Overwatcher. The second segment on the other hand puts you in control of Barry Burton who is looking for his daughter, and who is accompanied by a mysterious young girl called Natalia.

I don’t want to expose the story for you, but suffice to say that it starts off very slow in the first two episodes and builds up towards the remaining two.

RE Revelations 2 - 4

For all the highs the campaign tried to hit, the gameplay came off confused and lacking identity. Though Claire’s segments were full of explosive encounters and non-stop action, her armament was lacking, and while Barry’s segments relied on stealth, he was equipped with the best and most powerful weapons.

The secondary characters, Moira and Natalia, act as a sort of guide, offering you a sixth sense for you if you will, by assisting you in spotting hidden items and extra ammo in Moira’s case, and traversing tight areas that require crawling in Natalia’s. Both of them also are able to detect enemies well before you confront them.

At the end of each episode, you will gain access to XP points that you will allocate to gain new offensive and defensive skills .

revelations 2

Each episode takes around two hours or so to finish, which means by using basic maths your full campaign will clock out at around eight hours. This is relatively acceptable in regards to the $25 price tag that Capcom is requesting. The problem, however, is that the episodes are limited in their locations. Buildings and structures look the same and more times than not, you will revisit the same areas albeit with different characters, which speaks little of originality.

Revelations 2 maintains an eerie atmosphere with areas loaded with enemies ready to attack you. The enemy design is influenced by previous Resident Evil games, I just wished the graphics were better. They are by no means bad, but don’t be like me and expect a jaw-dropping experience. Even the sound design is mediocre with not a single memorable tune, but this issue has plagued previous Resident Evil games as well, so I guess that’s to be expected.

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On the multiplayer front, Raid mode is back, and for non-initiates, it’s where you fight your way through various maps collecting loot and weapons to gain XP and upgrade your skills. Whether online or via hotseat, this is the mode that will have partner up and fight your way through hordes of abomination creatures till you reach the final emblem towards the end of each mission.

Revelations 2 tries to revive the classic spirit of Resident Evil. It succeeds at some points, yet fails to at others. I still have hope for the franchise, especially since I am already waiting at the sidelines for the ultimate classic to re-emerge in the future…sometime…hopefully.

If you oversee its flaws, you will enjoy what Revelations 2 has to offer, and though the series is not one of the franchise’s best,it adds to the story chronicles, introduces new characters to the canon and offers some really intense boss fights. Sadly for all its offerings, it is stuck in a limbo between being a classic Resident Evil game and a modern one.


Resident Revelations 2 is available on the PS4 [Reviewed] , Xbox One, PS3 Xbox 360 and PC. It was made available to use via review codes for each episode from Pluto Games, Capcom’s official representative in the region.