This generation is either a complete mess when it comes to portable gaming or an absolute win, depending how you look at it. One such contender for your portable gaming time is the NVIDIA Shield that hosts an on-demand service that streams a growing library of popular PC games.

The newest addition to the library is Risen 2: Dark Waters. The port of Caldera is between a rock and a hard place—it’s assailed by two warring Titan Lords on land and another nasty Titan at sea, whose pet Kraken prevents all sea travel from entering, or leaving. The infamous pirate Steelbeard holds the key to keeping the Kraken, and its master, at bay—and it’s up to you to infiltrate his band, steal his secrets, and liberate Caldera.

Don’t let all the rum fool you, Risen 2 is not your standard pirate fare—it tosses hearty doses of magic and fantasy elements in with all the swashbuckling to deliver a unique experience.

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