Rumors are the spices of pre-E3. Most of them turn up right and the rest might be a complete smoke with no fire!

The Take King is one of those rumors, and frankly speaking if you link anything to Destiny will have the best rumors ever. But this time around, it might not be after all.

Apparently, Kotaku managed to lay their hands on some Ad material that clearly , as per their post, mentions the 15th of September of this year as a release date for the upcoming new expansion The Taken King. Now here is the juicy stuff, The Taken King is Oryx and I guess we all know his naughty son, Crota. Oryx is the king of the Taken, they might be a new breed or some clan in the Hive realm and he is back to avenge his son and yes, you guessed it right, that will be a Raid!

The other thing is the most anticipated add-on all guardians are waiting for, the new Sub-class! and here is the rundown of the new Sub-classes

– Warlock: missing an Arc, and that is his third sub-class and it might be called Electrical Storm.

– Hunter: missing a Void, and that his new thing which is called -or might be called- Gravity Bow.

– Titan: missing an Solar, and that big fella has his new ability called Flaming Hammer.


E3 is just around the corner and Bungie will have a couple of things to show in there and they will take the place by storm as most of the players are eager to know more after a good and successful launch of House Of Wolves!