There was a time when the name Sierra echoed among the greats with classic adventure game series like Police Quest, Space Quest  and King’s Quest. It left a grand legacy on video games and today, that name shines again with a reboot of the beloved franchise, King’s Quest.

kings quest 2

King’s Quest : A Knight to Remember is the first chapter in Sierra’s latest episodic reboot of their lovely franchise, developed by The Odd Gentlemen team who have clearly invested lots of passion into it, enough to capture the hearts of veteran gamers who grew up playing the franchise and those who are new to it. All this is made all the more captivating with the narration of Christopher Lloyd who, playing the role of the protagonist Graham, is narrating the story of his younger self becoming king to his grand daughter Gwendolyn.

King’s Quest’s main elements, as all adventure games go, lie in collecting items, solving puzzles, moving back and forth through locations, and interacting with the various characters in order to proceed with the story. You will quickly find yourself immersed in the beautiful world of Daventry on your journey to becoming a knight.

kings quest 3

What’s a knight’s tale without an enchanting kingdom with beautiful environments to enrich the journey? The land of Daventry is reimagined in the best possible way, from the hand-drawn backgrounds that are rich, to the beautifully drawn characters that add a unique flavor to the mix. Everything is designed with harmony like a masterpiece painting, each of its elements fitting in place to combine into one amazing scene.

kings quest 4

If all of that is not enough to capture your senses, then I bet your senses will bow down eventually to the talents of Christopher Lloyd as he is narrating this journey. With a script that is full of self-deprecating humor while still managing to be encouraging and supportive, Mr. Lloyd’s voice is heart-warming, pushing you through the game if anything just to hear his voice. The musical soundtrack in contradiction is rather cheesy but King’s Quest ultimately delivers nothing but awesomeness in the audio department.

It took me nearly eight hours to complete my quest and win the tournament to become a knight, yet those eight hours took me farther down memory lane, reminiscing on how games were so good back then; by the closing of the chapter, I was left hoping and craving for more of the good stuff. Chapter one has ended, but the quest has just begun, and the wait for the upcoming chapters is on.

King’s Quest is  solid proof that there is still life in the old, a life strong enough to leave an impact even today. With an art that is coming to life, King’s Quest stands solid as a beautiful reboot, a sweet blast from the past that will indulge your senses in a wonderful experience that stands for awesomeness.


King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember is available for the PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One and PC and was made available to us by Sierra Entertainment.