Much has changed with update 2.o. From your vault, to how you handle your missions and bounties, almost all the changes are highly welcomed. But with all the fanfare and focus on the new and improved light system (thank anything you deem holy for that), I came across some points in my brief encounter with the update that I felt no one has highlighted yet.

Is running in the tower now faster? I’m not sure exactly how much faster, maybe by 15%, but having spent more time in the tower than I would admit to without feeling embarrassed, I noticed my guardian running just as fast enough as I would have always liked her to. Sure, the original speed was not that bad, especially when you equip a weapon that boosts your agility, but for some reason I always wanted my Awoken female Warlock to go a “little” faster. Illusion or not, her speed is juuust right.

Not all your emblems are currently available at the emblems kiosk . Before you go all gung ho on dismantling your emblems, if you had unlocked the promotional codes that came bundled with Game Radar’s “100% Unofficial Ultimate Guide to Destiny,” you will notice that the emblems are not currently available at the kiosk. Granted, you could dismantle them and re-enter the codes to potentially unlock them again, but just in case they get phased out with some other year-one items, I’d keep them in your vault for now.

Some vanilla items have been bundled with The House of Wolves. You will find some of the Queen’s rewards from that solitary time she appeared on the tower during vanilla listed under House of Wolves items. This is not much of a story, but a curious observation nonetheless.

The abandoned missions are a collection of missions you already went through, unless you’re a new player.If so, and you are a new recruit who will be leveling up your guardian via a consumable, these missions are an easy way to track what you have missed out on until this point. At any case, I think the naming will confuse some players, especially veterans. Why veterans? Because most of us never cared for mission names and their descriptions, and though a mission entitled “Nothing but the Fall,” accompanied by a sweet logo, may sound novel, it’s actually one of the opening missions of the main storyline.