What can one say about Destiny that has not been already? It’s still the best shooter to grace this console generation, the best multiplayer game since ever, and it single-handedly altered the way people and developers will perceive online multiplayer gaming. No other game has had gamers on the edge of their seats in anticipation for an expansion. For a sequel, perhaps a remake, yes, but for an expansion? Whatever game that will be released as a means of filling Destiny’s shoes will have quite an uphill battle, if indeed it is possible to fill in its shoes. Year one has been an amazing journey full of victories, light levels and community. Year two will continue this trend, albeit without the light level system, and I for one can not be more pleased.

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If there is one thing that Bungie is excellent at asides from developing the best games out there, it’s listening to fans and consistently balancing the game to keep its thriving community active. Yes, Destiny is a marvelous game, but without the endless hours of tweaks, balances and updates, it would have been a husk that gamers would have abandoned soon after its launch. From weapon stats and Valus Ta’aurc’s seemingly infinite health pool, to patrol missions and strikes, nothing is exempt from Bungie’s balancing in the name of community and an overall better game.

When Destiny launched last September, gamers were quick to complain about its missing story and lack of content as a whole. “It’s a boring game,” they said. “It’ll never make it through the year, let alone the decade. PC masterrace for life!” All of course, words bred out of a core misunderstanding of what Destiny truly is: The best way to play online and embark on adventures with your friends on console. Is it the best single player game? Hardly, but it was never developed with that in mind. Unfair comparisons with Halo were generated and more and more people were scratching their heads in an attempt to understand why a game like Destiny would be the most talked about game of the year. But while all this was happening, the number of players kept increasing, and the game never missed a step.

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You would read this and think that I am being prejudiced towards the game, but even as a stalwart objector of commercial games and the impact they are having on the medium as I am, the super-tight gameplay and excellent fun can not be denied. Yes, I would have liked more emphasis on the story, but that’s about all I can say. I have never expereinced something as entertaining and fun as Destiny is, and I challenge any naysayers to claim otherwise. You could push off the game for its lack of content and repetitive strikes, but you can not deny its entertainment factor. Doom today is still being lauded as one of the best games ever developed. Did it have an intricate storyline with a deep and sensitive protagonist, fighting his way through his own demons as he conquers his fears? Fuck no. Doom was about shooting demons in the face and having fun in the process, and this is where Destiny shines. Haters will always hate, but in 10 years, hell, even 20 years, Destiny will become the face of FPS games.

On September 15, The Taken King, Destiny’s highly anticipated expansion, will launch, bringing with it three new subclasses, new strikes, a new raid, more pvp content, more gear, more planets, and best of all, more story. Bungie has been taking down notes, and TTK will be the culmination of all the feedback and criticisms that they have received in year one. The game is not only going to become better, it will be the best way to end the year with your buddy guardians, shooting Fallen, Vex, Cabal, Hive, and the newly introduced Taken in the face, while having fun doing so. Expect a lot of bro-fisting in the coming year, and if you are still a Destiny critic, invest in some earplugs and stay clear of the rest of the online world as it is all going to be about Destiny for the foreseeable future.

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