The weekly reset of Destiny’ servers has been activated and here it is for this week.


Weekly Nightfall:

For those who love the challenge and to spend those extra hours pretending that they are on a mission, it is Darkblade. The modifiers are Berserk, Small Arms, Chaff, and Airborne. So get those small arms of you, the enemies already fear you. Say hello to my little friend.


Weekly Nightfall


King’s Fall Raid:

This is for the guardians looking to reach the 320 light level or to help other fellow guardians to make it through their first raid or simply for those who cracks jokes and laugh it all out, the Warpriest is the cahllange this time around. Remember not to have the aura twice in raw!

Warpriest Challenge


Prison Of Elders:

If you still go to The Reef would like to personally salute you! Unless you are looking for love in that area or you have a grudge for being T-bagged, I can’t think of any reason to go there! But in case you still have your sweet spot for The Reef then for this week’s level 32 is Broken Legion and level 34 is Urrox’s Grudge.

Prison of Elders

Prison of elders 34


The Court of Oryx will get you will get face to face with Wizard Balwur.

Iron Banner is making a comeback this week and yes you need to put an effort and time to reach level 5.