In Too Deep is the first of three episodes slated to be released in the new Telltale miniseries The Walking Dead: Michonne, and oh boy did it deliver! Though the “slash ’em” swordmaster is the at the heart of this series, other characters are sure to make an appearance as the story progresses.

As is standard in the Walking Dead universe, people are dead on the inside and at points prove to be more dangerous than the walkers themselves. Human emotion plays a role in this episode, especially when trust and integrity are rare and the fights for resources and shelter take precedence.

Though this first episode was intense, it felt rather flat on a story front. I can, however, forgive Tell Tale for now as it seemed like they wanted to properly introduce Michonne before shit hits the fan in the later chapters. I am hoping and expecting the upcoming two episodes to pick up where this one leaves.

The Walking Dead: Michonne 2

Much like all other Tell Tale adventure games, The Walking Dead: Michonne relies heavily on QTE’s and presents a handful of basic puzzles. What does stand out, however, are the stellar voice acting and the accompanying music that hits a dramatic nerve in its lyrical downtempo


The Walking Dead: Michonne 4


The Verdict

A strong appearance for Michonne, and I for one will be waiting for the release of the next chapter in the story.