Back in the WMC 9 (World Mobile Congress), LG announced their new modular flagship smartphone, G5, that landed them multiple awards and prizes. Being modular, the LG G5 grants you the option to customize it with attachments that, depending on your preferences, would add more capabilities to your camera, audio, or battery.

The first thing to catch your eyes in this phone is the dual back-cameras. LG didn’t just slam two cameras next to one another for the hell of it; they are meant to broaden the user’s experience, and to add more depth to each photo. One camera is 16 MP, the other is 8, with the latter acting as the wide angle. Rather than digitally zoom and ruin your photos in the process, the G5 simply alternates between both cameras to offer optimal results and photo quality.


Moving away from the camera to the battery performance of the smartphone, unfortunately the G5 doesn’t hold its ground, but that is compensated for with the modules. I benchmarked the phone in two different scenarios; as a heavy user who watches a lot of YouTube and plays a lot of games, and as a casual user who responds to the occasional message and browses the internet.

The first scenario rendered the battery consumed in less than seven hours, and the second scenario in 13 hours. Both results are unimpressive especially with the ubiquitous competition, but being a modular phone, I am confident LG will offer an upgrade that you may eventually attach, but that would require you to dish out even more money for something that arguably should have been there from the get-go. The 5.3″ display is crisp, quad HD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and is brighter than the average LG phone at 850 nits over the past 500 nits.

One additional hitch, I felt, was that since the battery is not built-in, every time you add a module, you need to detach the battery. Thankfully this may not prove to be too much of an inconvenience unless you are OCD about your modules and are comfortable investing chunks of cash for them. The average user may not struggle with this fact, but it is worth noting.


The modular feature is entitled LG and Friends and it is a great concept that pushes LG from its comfort zone in their quest to have a bigger slice of the regional mobile business. The idea is to have fun while using the G5. The 360 Camera, for instance, is an amazing add-on, and a VR add-on? Yeah, why not?



1- Swapable accessories.

2- Dual Camera.

3- Modular design promotes future updates.

4-  Good value for money. The LG G5 is a flagship device that costs AED2499.

5- Fun and social media are the focus of G5.



1- Battery performance.

2- Not resistant to water and dust.