At midnight on the 24th of May, Overwatch will be out in the wild for you to hunt down. Did you prepare yourself for the game? Still on the fence about it? We played the beta, and we loved it.

To get you started, I prepared this checklist for you to follow and enjoy the game.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s answer to a fun and entertaining first person shooter. It is a straight-up multiplayer/eSport FPS with no campaign or story modes. Being a Hero Shooter, classes are bound to their characters, and with a robust selection of heroes to choose from, you can expect an incredible experience.

The checklist:

1- Did you pre-order the game digitally? If not, you missed out on the pre-order exclusive Widowmaker skin. Less bragging rights for you, then.

2- If you are playing it digitally, it should have been already pre-loaded by now.

3-  If you are planning to play Overwatch on PC, here’s a handy spec sheet to make sure you are ready:


4- Want to see the game in action? Tune in to our Twitch channel and watch us play starting 12am tonight.

Timeof Servers

5- Are you playing alone or with your friends? Either way you need to know which is hero to go for. As a quick guide, don’t go offensive if your team is lacking in defense. Be brave and pick a healer if your teammates are all-out on the offensive.

6- Communicate, communicate, communicate. Overwatch is a team-based game so keep the channel open with your team.

7- Here is the full list of heroes.

8- Maps and their environments play a role when it comes to choosing your hero. The Ilios map, part of the Control games, is not quite suitable for Pharrah, but will prove to be a playground for Widowmaker.

9-  Here are some of the heroes to boast your K/D ratio with, and whenever you see a badass Pharrah, be sure that it is probably me.

McRay Pharra Reaper Rienhart Hanzo DVA

10- Do yourself a favor and watch these weekly, short animated videos to get a glimpse of the stories behind the heroes.

11- While you’re at it, check out the digital comics as well!

12- Call in sick. You’re going to be playing till the early hours against too many 12-year-olds who will swear they spent the night with your mother.


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