The beta for Blizzard’s take on competitive first person shooters, Overwatch, will be public from May 5 – 9. If you have pre-purchased or pre-ordered it, you will gain early access to the beta starting from May 3. I had a hands-on with the game earlier, and now come to you with some more details about this much-anticipated game.

Overwatch is a colorful, multiplayer-only FPS that lays the groundwork for a younger demographic of Esports players to join the fray. Tired of Esports and the ubiquitous multiplayer-only games? Tough shit. The era when single-player experiences were front and center is long gone. Remember when a game’s story dwindled from the spine that holds the game together to a bookmark or two in an otherwise action-filled experience? The story in Overwatch is revealed via a mattering of texts that accompany an unlocked skin. Riveting.

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But you’ve all seen the trailers; Overwatch never touted itself for its storyline. It is simply attempting to recreate the success that Team Fortress 2 attained, and take that to a whole new level. There are a handful of bitter gamers who will lament the fact that Titan, Blizzard’s much talked-about MMO, was abandoned to make way for an action game like Overwatch, but the bigger bulk of gamers adapted to the change within seconds, and the biggest number of gamers didn’t even know what Titan was.

Overwatch is not a lone-soldier experience, and though there will be guns-blazing classes for you to choose from, relying on your teammates is your only true shot at survival and victory. Pharah, for example, is my go-to character. Just look at her; no one gets badass right the way Blizzard does.

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Pharah is my badass of choice


But asides from her attractive aesthetic, she is killer with that rifle of hers, and is nimble on her feet. All that power will amount to little if you find yourself in the middle of a battlefield with no allied tank to cover you. Trust me, if you join a public lobby with little to no micrphones, you will either lose outright, or will struggle to win.

The shooting mechanics are inspired, especially when you consider that Treyarch were consulted in perfecting the aim assist on controllers. A marriage of Blizzard and Treyarch? If you are a fan of the genre, and are not excited, you could very well be dead inside.

As with all competitive games of its nature, you would be wise to take note of the levels you are in so that you may use your surroundings to your full advantage. It will also be remiss of you to not get familiar with all other classes so that you may gain a better understanding of your chances and strategies in a match.

The user interface and HUD are smartly designed, and certainly deserve an honorable mention. They are seamlessly integrated in a way that I would hope games take note of.

Overwatch is loads, and I mean loads, of fun. I can’t wait to see where Blizzard will take it next.


Overwatch will launch on PS, Xbox, PC on May 24.