Do you remember that scene from the John Wick movie where the mobster asked Keanu Reeves if he is back? “Yes, I think I’m back” was his response and that is exactly how I feel about PC gaming! That’s not saying that PC gaming had died for me, far from it. With a plethora of PC’s flooding the market, it had become hard for me to justify purchasing one over the other, until the GX700.

Things are changing these days and Asus are on a very good stretch. They didn’t rest on their laurels after launching the phenomenal G752, but went one step further by introducing us to this water-cooling beast of a laptop. An actual liquid cooling attachment to a laptop. I think I’m the one who should cool down.

Casing and Looks:

The GX700 comes in a metal casing engraved with the distinctive ROG symbol. Its color falls between silver and champagne, and the rubber padding that covers the keyboard surface area, though may be justified, does get smudged often, so OCD folks, beware.

The GX700 is a thinner version of the G752, comes with almost 60% of added power in terms of GPU and CPU performances, has the liquid cooling attachment, and most notably, is accompanied with a hefty price tag of AED 20k. This laptop is only for the most affluent and ostentatious of gamers. For them, Asus have gone off the wall with this laptop, though technically it may as well be a portable desktop at this rate. Look at the size of this thing!

The keyboard is a mechanical one that gamers will appreciate, and the touchpad is wide enough to support a multitude of finger gestures.


At 3.9 Kg, the GX700 is not easy to carry around.




The GX700 has ports, lots of ports. Asus make sure that gamers have plenty of ports to connect their stuff into. 3 USB 3.0 plugs, USB 3.1 Type C port, HDMI and mini display ports, three Thunderbolt ports, a card reader, and of course, an RJ45 port for your LAN line.





Asus integrates a total of four speakers into this beast, but we still have some wishes for the successor. For starters, the 4.0 system could be more powerful. The maximum volume of the GX700 is not sufficient for bigger rooms, and unlike its predecessor, does not come equipped with a subwoofer. Is still gets the job done, of course, especially that most all gamers on the go with such a budget have an equally expensive headset on-hand.


Asus always take good care of their customers, the gamers. Pre-installed software is always questionable, chiefly when it is predominantly bloatware, but in Asus’ case, whatever is pre-laoded is there to offer you full control of your rig, from overclocking to BIOS updates.




With a machine like this one, failing a battery test is not only understandable, it’s expected. The GX700 The is only deemed a laptop because it looks like one. Its DNA is that of a PC, and you’re not expected to run a PC on battery reserve. It lasted for only 3 hours and 30 minutes on idle, and when blasted with an overload and overclock, it didn’t make it beyond the first hour.

On the subject of temperature, though, the GX700 is legend. The Hydro Overclocking System is the answer to an optimal performing laptop running at full specs. The downside is that no matter how cool its insides were, its surface temperature retained the heat, but not enough to render it inconvenient. The maximum recorded temperature without the cooling system reached 68 degrees which then dropped to 42 degrees when the cooling was turned on.



The graphical performance of the GX700 is undeniable at all. Thanks to the desktop version of the Nvidia GeForce 980 GTX, it could reach and hit 87 frames per second at 1920×1080, and 38.2 FPS when gaming on a 4K resolution.

On the gaming side of things, The Division pulled off an impressive 102.9 FPS at 1920×1080, while Black Ops 3 clocked in at a full 110 FPS.

When I stress-tested the GX700 on 3DMark, I was amazed to see it reaching 12000 points, which is the highest scoring among laptops of its caliber.


The GX700 is a great performer when it comes to processing power and graphical supremacy. It falls short in terms of battery life, as it was expected to, and the Hydro Cooling system might make things a hint inconvenient for the mobile LAN gamers. At AED 20K, however, this beast may only satisfy a handful of gamers, but it will deliver optimal satsisfaction and goes the distance in justifying its price.