Let the mayhem begin! That is, in short, how I feel about Blizzard’s Overwatch. What an adrenaline rush this game is proving to be. I earned multiple “Play of the Game” accolades, so I must know what I am talking about. I hope.

While I had an exclusive hands-on, and updated you with some additional details regarding the launch of the beta, nothing beats actually playing the beta and reporting back to you how much awesome I experienced.

As I reported earlier, Overwatch virtually abandons all narrative, and throws you into one PvP match after another. Am I weary of this growing trend? Maybe. Do I really care when a game is so much fun to play? Nope. Am I giving up on the medium? Hell no. I am just adapting to its trends, and if a game plays as smoothly as Overwatch does, only a small part of me will miss the story details.

This is an FPS, multiplayer-only game, and the lack of a story may actually be more of a service for the game. I’ve already taken a look at the general aspects the game, so let us jump forward and dive into the details.

There are a total of 21 heroes to choose from, covering four main classes. If you see a badass Pharah in your game, it would probably be me.

Offense: They are fast and deadly, but weak and defenseless in the open.

1- Pharah

2- Tracer

3- Genji

4- Reaper

5- Soldier 76

6- Mccree


Defense: They have mines and turrets, and are built for ranged combat.

1- Widowmaker

2- Mei

3- Hanzo

4- Bastion

5- Torbjorn

6- Junkrat


Tanks: They take a lot of damage and are fully shielded.

1- D. VA

2- Winston

3- Zarya

4- Reinhardt

5- Roadhog


Support: Make no mistake with those angels. You will need them at your side at all times.

1- Lucio

2- Mercy

3- Zenyatta

4- Symmetra

In order for Overwatch to be enjoyed fully, it will require teamwork and teamplay. You could just be that dick who joins a public game without a mic, deaf to your allies, but unless you are exceptional at what you are doing, you may result in the loss of your team.

Overwatch beta

If you are a dedicated competitive gamer, you will undoubtedly find yourself experimenting with all the characters and mastering a handful of them. This will be a crucial part of the experience as it will allow you insight into another player’s tactics. Also, there will be times when you will not be able to play with your main, so competency with a few others will become important sooner than you think.

As with all similar games, classes not only impact your skills, but your agility as well. The lighter your heroes are, the faster they move but the less damage they can take, and the heavier they are, the slower they are, but the more resilient they are. You will need to adjust your tactics depending on your gameplay. For me, Pharah was just perfect. She has a rocket launcher, jumps so high and has a thruster that helps me to move from platform to platform effortlessly.

But what’s an awesome game without awesome controls, especially when Treyarch are brought onboard as consultants to perfect the aiming assist for controllers? Those of you in the PC Master Race, pull out your ventilators and take a big hit. You guys play with a mouse and keyboard. We get it. Can the rest of us go on with our lives? Praise Gabe.

I tested this beta on a PS4. As a general rule, each character has two aattacks, a main one and an alternate one, bound to both trigger buttons. The shoulder buttons are assigned to special skills that differ for each character. Land enough kills and assists, and your super gauge fills up which grants you access to a unique skill, accessible by tapping the triangle button.

You have the option of changing your character mid-game, which is a feature that is more than welcome. Your main is a tank, but your party is sorely lacking a healer? Switch to Mercy, for example, with no repercussions at all.


Overwatch beta

Experience points are rewarded to you at the end of each match which will level you up, awarding you loot boxes. Said boxes include skins, logos, emotes, and other purely cosmetic items that do not otherwise impact the game and/or your performance.

Where Overwatch stands out, however, is in its emphasis on sportsmanship. At the end of each match, players from both sides of the battle get to vote on who’s performance was best from a selection of players from both parties who performed well. It’s a take on the GG spirit that I found to be a refreshing addition to the genre, and one that does not only celebrate the winners.



Overwatch beta


Surprisingly, and pleasantly so, I barely experienced any lag. I would like Activision to take some notes and modify their servers as COD still struggles with this issue.  there is almost no lag in this game? Ladies and gentlemen, Overwatch has the minimum lag available as if I’m playing in a country with a dedicated server!! mind blown!! Call Of Duty resides under a huge freaking lag! I will leave this here, 25ms!

Overwatch: Beta

You have four modes of play available in the beta:

1- Quick Play : The most populated mode, and where all the PvP mayhem is happening.

2- Play vs. AI: Good for a practice round or two, but you will hunger to play against human players in no time.

3- Custom Game: Get your friends in on the beta and form a tailored PvP match-up.

4- Mystery Heroes: You start off with a random character, and each time you die, a new character is rolled for you to play with.

Overwatch: Beta


I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game. Blizzard has done it once again by taking a staple genre, and adding its unique flair to it. Until then, you will find me online, raining rockets on my adversaries. AJ over and out!

Overwatch will launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the 24th of May.