Trials of the Blood Dragon is not your average Trials game; there will be no bike-flipping or crazy tricks. Fans of the series should brace themselves for the change, and I assure them that their patience will be rewarded.

Get a blender, throw in it Hotline Miami, a dash of Kung Fury, and the American flag. The result is an insane game that may not resemble a classic Trials game, but that will carry the mantle of the games and take it into new realms. No longer are you bound to a bike, and instead you will be able to traverse parts of the levels on foot for platforming reasons, and you will be granted access to a multitude of vehicles, including RC cars, to attain that revered first spot on the leaderboards.

I’m certain Ubisoft are not taking this radical direction due to a lack of originality, right? The Trials games have a thriving fanbase, so why would this new spin-off change so much so soon?

Trials of the Blood Dragon 1 Trials of the Blood Dragon 2

It is 2019 . You are involved in Vietnam War 4, and there is little else to divulge into. Some backstory is delivered via camp cutscenes, that though hearken back to those in Blood Dragon, complete with their VHS filters and cheesy dialogues, somehow feel forced this time around.

Trials of the Blood Dragon, as its namesake displays, is a spinoff of Blood Dragon, which in itself was a spinoff of Far Cry 3. I’m curious to see where this rabbit hole ends, if it ever does. Some vocal critics would have preferred a full-on Blood Dragon 2 instead, but as I am a fan of neither, I am happier with this bite-sized release.

Trials of the Blood Dragon 3 Trials of the Blood Dragon 4

I don’t mind a series trying new things, but unless they are perfected, they will hinder the experience and force me to wish that nothing had changed. Trials of the Blood Dragon introduces a handful of needless mechanics that don’t work as planned, the likes of the running/jumping segments, and the abysmal shooting parts that had me flinging curses at my TV in frustration

Adding insult to injury, the game strips itself from what put the Trials games on the map in the first place. Rather than constantly have you manage bike physics, you are bombarded by afore-mentioned platforming and shooting sequences that slow down the pacing of the game to a trickle.

Trials of the Blood Dragon 5

Trials of the Blood Dragon is a great idea on paper, I just do not believe that the execution was up to par. Until a new Trials game is released, I suggest you stick to Trials Fusion.


Trials of the Blood Dragon is available on PS4, Xbox One (reviewed), and PC. A review code was made available to us via Ubisoft.

Pulling off back-flips is still satisfyingly awesome
Original course designs
There is something to be said about the neon aesthetic of Blood Dragon, I'm just not sure what it is
The "Blood Dragon" motif is not doing this title justice
The Trials mechanics should have been integrated better
There is no adequate tutorial to introduce you to the additional mechanics that come bundled with the new vehicles and the shooting segments.