The Battlefield 1 beta was intense. If it wasn’t the weather weighing its odds against you, it was horses and their riders. The landscape is magnificent and massive in scope; snipers rejoice.

A “Best Of” video based on this article will be coming your way soon. I am busying myself getting to know each class up-close and personal. Until I do, here are some pointers I picked up during my time with the game.


1- Find your desired “Elite.”

There are three elites–badass soldiers that you want on your team–the “Flame Trooper,” “Tank Hunter,” and “The Sentry.” Below is a guide to find each of them so that you are not caught with your pants down the next time you are in the battle.

Flame Trooper is near a half-destroyed building in the B capture point. This class has a flamethrower and incendiary grenades, making him lethal against infantry. However, his vision is impaired by a gas mask but is also more potentially vulnerable. He’s bloody deadly up close, though.

Tank Hunter is out in the middle of the desert near the E capture point. He uses the anti-tank rifle. This is slow firing and can be used on weaker vehicles or infantry but is really for taking down heavy armor from a distance. The lighter the vehicle, the easier they are to take down. The gun can only be fired when mounted behind cover or when in prone, meaning this is a more static class.

The Sentry is near the F capture point. Its spawn point will be marked on your map. He has a massive machine gun and very heavy armor plating. He can spray death quicker than anybody else, but can’t aim down sights and can’t equip a gas mask.


2- Snipers are all over.

Whether you like it or not, a sniper will shoot you in the head. If you are getting salty because you are not being able to counter them, I have two words for you: gas grenade. If your sniper is further down, and well beyond the range of your grenade throw, keep low and distract them until you have a clear shot of them, or they divert from you. Just keep yourself away from their line of site, and in the chance that you do find the perp, smack them with a gas grenade. Do it for the rest of us.


3- Make sure you have a medic on your team

Another team-based game with classes, another plea for people to play more medics. If no one does, then make sure that you do. Having the team run around like headless chickens will accomplish very little. Medics could be the difference between winning and losing; when they are not reviving fallen soldiers, they are keeping heavies alive for as long as possible.

4- It is Class ranking system!

If you want to unlock the deadliest weapons for your class, you better stick to your class, soldier! Weapons don’t unlock automatically for all classes; you have to earn them for each class. Each class also comes bundled with unique weapons, so be sure to browse each class’s unlockables before settling on a class.

5- Aim for the riders!

Whether the rider is on a horse, or driving a WWI jeep, take them down first. Or, at the least, try to take them down. Riders on horseback are tough to deal with, let alone those in a car or tank! The next time you come face to face with a tank, fret not. Just make sure that someone on your team take charge of the Tank Hunter elite. They are called that for a good reason.


I Hope you found this guide helpful. I will be following it up with videos that cover strategies, tricks, and funny moments. Stay tuned!