I have never been one to compete in FPS games. I lack the reflexes, the know-hows, and the overall understanding of what makes a good player. The fact that I am writing this article instead of waltzing around the world as an eSport professional underscores that enough.

AJ, however, is an awesome FPS player whose gameplay I have made a habit of watching via Playstation’s convenient, if not a bit wonky, Share Play. If there is one game I reveled in watching, it was Battlefield 1. He just gets it.

From aiming, to understanding the physics of each shot fired, his performance was akin to a dance. Not a Waltz or Tango, per se, but closer to modern dancing. Still, it was a dance, and I was an entertained audience.

Here, then, is the video that he produced talking about the “Scout” class. Bullet trajectory? Headshots through the dust? Well played, AJ. Well played.