Ubisoft Massive are serious about taking The Division into a whole new level, I like that! In a survey I’ve received today, the developer wants to know what was your best and favorite gear set in the game. Those 13 key sets were the cornerstone in building the personality of The division and the pole where all the mechanics revolved around.


If you think it was only an email to show how much the devs are serious, you need to think again! There is a forum thread asking about the same and urging agents to give their feedback. I say we all do that, so head here and let it all out.

The Division

Whether the developer is going to bring more stuff to the game or not or simply making the current build close to perfection, I have to say that Ubisoft Massive are showing big interest no matter what the reason for in The Division and their players with the focus on the latest, you, the PLAYERS!