In an interview published by Euro Gamer, Shuhei Yoshida, head of Playstation, is quoted with saying the following regarding:

“It wasn’t a great PR strategy, because he didn’t have a PR person helping him, and in the end he is an indie developer.”

Hold on a second. Is he attempting to throw all the blame on Hello Games? Where once NMS was Playstation’s darling indie game, now their strategy is to distance themselves from it. I Understand that, but to take no blame? Admit no flaws in the process?

When I first saw that first trailer during Video Games X, I was floored. A sci-fi game that will let me hop from one planet to another, through hyperspace, seamlessly? Say it aint so.

Well, this hyperspace jumper has since launched, and it’s underwhelming. The hate has been ubiquitous, and the criticism has been all the more harsh. I mean, have you seen this video?

For those of you still standing in stalwart defense of Hello Games, have none of you seen any of Sean Murray’s interviews? Yes he is an indie developer, but he lied through his teeth time and time again. This is not a PR issue but an integrity one. The fact of the matter is he sold a broken, incomplete game at full price and still has not come clean about it.

Meanwhile all Playstation can do is throw Hello Games under the bus and scapegoat them for all the bad press? Playstation are the ones who marketed the game, and most of the fallacies Sean uttered during interviews and features was because of the resulting pressure. I get it. People buckle and just when they think they’ve got things under control, everything collapses. But to be abandoned and thrown to the side by your benefactors, the same people who wanted your small studio to reach for the stars? Ouch.

People have every right to be outraged at No Man’s Sky. They also have every right to enjoy it, but neither of these can ever explain the lies, vague claims, and half-truths that Hello Games and Playstation shoveled in our direction.

Had No Man’s Sky been an indie game released on Steam, it would have been priced differently–closer to $20 – $30–and the criticism would not have been as toxic.

Own up to your mess, Playstation. Own up to it.