When Andrew Ryan beckons you’d do well to heed his call. Of course if you’ve played Bioshock, you would know that the preceding statement is not representative of the game’s intended antagonist. Poster boys are whom they are, and in the worlds of Bioshock, Ryan and Comstock are the quintessential bad boys.

It has been almost a couple of generations since the release of Bioshock, and after hundreds of games that owe their inspiration to it, does the original big daddy still stand up?

Yes it does, very much so. Would you kindly wrap this up and go play it again, or if you are lucky enough, for the first time. The Bioshock Collection certainly serves the first two games much more than it does Infinite, what with the updated visuals and textures that are masterfully subtle so as not to interfere with the original design ethos.

Bioshock Infinite looks as gorgeous as it ever did and though there may have been some applied tweaks, they are not that prevalent, and the game was just added as extra flair and value to make a mind-blowing bundle for non-initiates.

bioshocktc_the collection_region 2_1

Rapture is a morbidly beautiful place and is as atmospheric today as it was upon its release in 2007. The narrative is still powerful, the gameplay is still tight, albeit a few mechanical hitches that do not assimilate well in today’s gaming landscape.

Big Daddies are still a menace, and those splicers are still some of the most dynamic enemies I have had the pleasure of encountering. After not having played either of the first two games since completing them again around four years ago, I can happily say they stand the test of time and are still worthy of your every gaming dollar and second.

Best feature? The philosophies of the games are still as potent as they were, and the stories is just as mind-warping.

Bioshock Infinite is flawless, and if you disagree, you and I are going to have problems, friend.

Listen, bottom line is at $20 for each of the Bioshock remasters–if you hadn’t owned them on PC–and $60 for the remastered games and Bioshock Infinite, you have yourself a solid deal worthy of no less than 200 hours of gametime.

If you already owned the first two Bioshocks on PC, their remastered versions will be available for you free of charge. Nice one, 2K.

Revisit Rapture and Columbia? Any day.
Masterful update to the textures and visuals of the originals
Excellent value for money for three timeless games
Some of the gameplay mechanics of the originals are on the clunkier side of things
Glitches and bugs prevalent in the originals have sadly also made their way to the remastered editions as well