The second day of E3 had the tagline “Exclusive” written all over it. The Xbox media showcase kicked off with Phil Spencer claiming a bold 40+ games that will be revealed, half of which will be exclusives. This is exactly what the Xbox needed after a muddled few years of emphasis on specs and additional console features. But before we get into the meat of the event, let’s start with the center piece.

Xbox One X

The most powerful console on the market is not being called Project Scorpio anymore, and has now settled with the less imaginative, and reductive name (at least in my view – Ed), “Xbox One X.” It is a masterpiece in hardware design and the smallest of its preceding consoles. You can play all of your Xbox One games on it and use all of your existing accessories as well.

I have to admit that the specs of the Xbox One X are stunning: true 4K gaming with 2160p frame buffers, 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power and with 12GB GDDR5 at 326 GB/s. I mean wow! The audio sounds impressive as well with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X which will give you the experience of a premiere audio that puts you in the center of 3D spatial sound.

The true power of the Xbox One X was on full display with loads of games, especially Forza 7  that truly flexed those 4k muscles. Forza in general never failed us at any Xbox presser, and yeah, this time around they will be bringing those Porsches to the game like bosses. This iteration looks like it will be attempting to cement itself in the eSport racing genre. Of course, let’s not forget Dubai landscape and the tight corners road of Jabel Hafeet!



Skipping the non-exclusives,  next up is Sea of Thieves which, a co-op pirates game that pits players against AI or other players. With an expansive loot system and dangers coming in the form or other pirates, sea creatures, or mother nature itself, Sea Of Thieves is the game that is speculated to help sell the console upon launch.


Crackdown 3 is back and looks like it will a total mayhem-fest for you, your friends and Terry Crews! It is still an open world of total destruction and you will also be able to jump into 10-player rounds of complete city destruction.


Xbox introduced the world to a new streaming service, Mixer,  that you gamers can take the front seats for to watch, play and have a true influence on games and their worlds.  One of those exclusives, we’ve seen some other long awaited games like

Cuphead finally got a release date on the 29 of September this year. Fingers crossed it’s not pushed back again!

And let’s not forget the opening with the new Metro game, Metro Exodus 


I guess the big news came from PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds which was revealed to be a console-exclusive on Xbox One. The game attracted 3 million players in its early access on Steam and has gone above and beyond what games like DayZ tried to accomplish.


Zombies that refuse to die in lore and in games as a concept also had a share on the Xbox stage through the next installment of State Of Decay 2


All in all,  Xbox got its most powerful console to date, but they are still fundamentally lacking in their first-party category.  Xbox One X is priced at a slightly over-priced $499 and will be available later this year.