Input peripherals are investment that should be taken very seriously. Whether you are a gamer or just a normal user for PC, knowing what fits your needs are important before you decide to purchase that next keyboard! Since I’m a gamer, keyboards that I review will fall into the gaming category which is not your typing-only-keyboard!


Design and Software

Moving on to the keyboard in the subject, Logitech with their G brand are raising the bar on a constant basis thanks to their on going research and development they took it so seriously and not shying away from spending big chunks of their profit in that department. Logitech G PRO keyboard is a keyboard with a pro gaming focus or a keyboard focused on delivering a pro approach to you r gaming experience.

The Logitech G Pro is a 130 dollars peripheral with two selling factors, fast response and smaller space. Let’s start with the smaller space as the keyboard ditched the whole numerical side and went all mechanical in a dimension of 6.2 inches height and 14.19 inches width to save you a lot of space on your table. Don’t be fooled with that small size keyboard as it weigh almost 1 Kgs to give it more sustainability and rigidness not to move or slide around while you are applying the force of your strokes.

The mechanical keyboard has the best in class in terms of durability, thanks to the Romer-G key switch, The audible level were quieter than Cherry MX Blue keystroke keyboards and gave it a hollow thumping sound. They also feel more responsive in-game because of the low actuation force needed to initiate a keystroke which has a shorter throw actuation of 1.5 mm and that is considerably faster than any other mechanical keyboard out there. The keyboard lacks in a dedicated media keys but why do them anyway?

Gaming keyboards in general ,and the Pro keyboard in subject, feature customizable RGB lighting. The interior of the key will be illuminated rather than the base too like it is with other keyboards from Corsair or G.Skill. This mechanism will ensure that there isn’t any lighting bleed around the keys. The Logitech’s Gaming Software lets you customize each individual key with virtually any color imaginable. The F1-12 keys can be customized to perform the function of macro keys. The lighting profiles can be stored in profiles right into the board memory which is independent of your connected PC yet it won’t store in the macro memory as this keyboard is standard in esports. Zone and Effects modes are easy to implement within the Gaming Software app. The keyboard also has a game mode that’s activated via a physical button on the top-right of the deck which will disable keys you might hit by mistake like the start menu or simply you don’t use in your specific games.

Faster Response

This is the main selling point, for me at least! Yes the keyboard is a mechanical keyboard but Logitech didn’t just stop there, they actually invested in something called Keystroke Signal Processing which mads the response time faster after combining it with the Romer-G key switch. At just 1.5 mm travelling distance, the “Pro” is .5mm shorter than a typical Cherry MX Red switch which requires 2mm of travel.

The “PRO” in this Logitech G keyboard stands for Pro players or Pro gamers where response time can be vital and Logitech did well with that making it faster than the Cherry MX Blue switches by 10ms. With a response faster than any other mechanical keyboard, the Pro enhanced the key rollover to make it 26 key rollover that can adhere your complex keystrokes. With a build of a solid keycaps, the non-slippery surface adds an edge to the gamers keystroke handling that will find all the support from bottom which consists of five rubberized no-slip pads, and two angle adjustment legs packing an additional adjustment leg on each side. This enables the keyboard to sit flat, with a four-degree angle, or with an eight-degree angle and be ready for your punishment and heavy use.

Final Verdict

At $129.99 price tag, the keyboard is considerably in anybody’s budget. However, the response times and durability of the Logitech G Pro are just perfect for your gaming needs and towards investing in this keyboard. The detachable USB cable is an added value that took in considerations your travels and the hustle of packing your peripherals. Customization, keycabs and overall durable design are also a huge selling point for gamers looking for an edge to their gameplay and/or going all out to be Pros. Testing the Pro Keyboard against Corsair mechanical keyboard and other Logitech Cherry MX keyboards gave me a clearer vision on how it is quieter than the rest feels very good. 

Logitech G Pro keyboard is a must buy and a must own peripheral.