Logitech G433 is your average headset that will cost you around $100 and you will have the ability to connect to a PC or to enjoy your music on your smartphone in the metro. Don’t get me wrong here as the headset in the subject is all about good looking and fairly performance.



I have a thing for headset covered in cloth as for some reason I feel they look more elegant and nice and will for sure standout from the rest of the headsets. The G433 doesn’t lack the cloth looks and feels and even the colors as they come in blue, black and even red! The headband blends in with the cloth themed cups and extends in a very unique way, but it didn’t really feel the elegancy I was looking for! The exterior of the  40mm earcups is covered in a matching cloth to the one on the grill and the overall themed color. The right earcup hosts the 3.5mm connection for both the audio cable and the removable boom mic. I  found the mic more sturdy and flexible thanks to the rubber arm that clicks securely into place. The padded headband found a bit thin and a little light; the earpads can be swapped with other pads included with the headset which for some strange reason felt more covering and isolating not to mention the comfort! Having the headset for longer sessions, you will have a date with heat and sweat. The headset comes with loads of accessories and cables, a huge advantage or a planned tactic for the cheap-felt headset.




Whether you are gaming or enjoying your music, the G433 placed good in its price tag catagory compared to the Corsair and the HyperX Cloud 2. The reason I didn’t go for “Best” in its class was due to the fact the sound lacks the crispiness and bass which sounded a bit far and dull, yet your gaming experience -which doesn’t invest much in bass- sounded much better than Skrillex Dupstep music! The 7.1 virtual surround sound was good thanks to the USB DAC which enhanced that experience in my games but fall short to give me the definitive sense of audio from the front and the back. The Mic though was the best thing to happen in the G433, which gave my recordings and the in-game chatting a great amount of surround noise cancellation but a Pop filter attached to the mic could’ve helped a lot in not picking the sound of breath while talking with the mic being close to the mouth.



With the ability to change the earcups and having a case to store and safe your headset,the G433 price tag might push you away. Gaming audio sounded good with the headset but fall short in terms of your music experience. Over all, the G433 is a headset build light for your gaming sessions where music is your second option for the headset!