Asus is not taking rest anytime soon as they just rose the bar for another height with the Zephyrus, a very thin 1080 GPU made possible with the Nvidia Max-Q technology and that’s not everything!

Diving in the ROG Zephyrus was astonishingly amazing, the design, the CPU and GPU power and the achievement in dispensing heat away from the user. All that Zephyrus is packed in a very thin factor that didn’t lack in performance yet lacked in power, the battery power. Let’s go ahead and have a look into the world thinnest gaming laptop.


Design and Looks:

Asus spend well on the material used in their laptops, but when it comes to something thin like the Zephyrus GX501 they had to be sure it will be rigged. They did win the Red Dot Design already for the casing which came all in Aluminum and engraved the Zephyrus in a brass colored design to make it stand out. The 17.9mm thick gaming laptop have a distinctive keyboard and trackpad placement that helps in pushing the user’s hands away from any high temperature point. Yet, the keyboard wasn’t the best, in fact it that’s the only effected part of the process in making the Zephyrus so thin!

Asus had the space arrangement game to the top with the venting space, once the lid is lifted, the bottom rear of the ROG Zephyrus expands and opening up a gap making the screen up at an angle giving the laptop a bigger space to breath and to make those Red light LED shine. I have to say though that the venting mechanism which involves the opening of the gap can poise as an entry to all those drinking spills which will indeed go for the total liquid damage for the laptop.

With the introduction of the new Active Aerodynamics System, Asus came up with a new fan blades which are made of a special liquid crystal polymer (LCP) that reduces the blade thickness by 33%resulting in packing 71 fan blades, 34% more than usual designs.


Ports, Display and Sound:

The Zephyrus doesn’t lack the ports, actually it does miss the SD slot and that’s all! Moving on to the face of the Zephyrus, the monitor, I thought I would see some 4K resolution struck in there yet with the G-Sync and a 120Hz, that screen is still good and does the job well.


Audio didn’t lack the quality or performance although there was a lot of space arrangements to make the ROG Zephyrus slim. The speakers were pushed closer to the surface which helped in spreading the audio in a very harmonic displacement that produced a clear audio.



I had the ROG Zephyrus running for quite long time ( around 10 hours) while playing Battlefield 1 on Ultra settings and scoring 110fps and the performance against quality didn’t drop! Putting the laptop on a harder and stiffer tests like the 3DMAX showed another great performance that didn’t lack the quality,

  • 3DMark 11 (Performance)
    24,487 (GPU Score)
  • 3DMark FireStrike Extreme


  • Steam VR Benchmark (Very High Settings)
    Average Quality 10.9
    0% Frames below 90FPS
    0% Frames CPU bound
    >12k Frames tested


  • CrystalDiskMark 5.2.1:
    3,478MB/s read
    1,781MB/s write
    558MB/s 4K read
    429.5MB/s 4K write

The ROG Zephyrus is your work laptop that is ready to be your gaming power house at any time you want but you better make sure that your charger is with you all the time as those batteries won’t make it past 5 hours if the power is unplugged!


Asus made slim laptops gaming ready with the help of research and development and the Max-Q Technology from Nvidia. The laptop is highly recommended for those of you who would like to have a gaming machine that weights almost 3 Kg but make sure that you have your mechanical keyboard and mouse around all that time. The ROG Zephyrus GX501 is available for pre-order here from Virgin Mega Store