We all have those days when we wake up in a box looking like human bunnies, right? That, or we’re just experiencing another Japanese concept. In Rabi-Ribi, Erina just wants to rejoin her elusive master but to do that, she must venture into the land of Rabi-Ribi and unravel her happiness in the process.

Adorn your bunny ears, don the obligatory playboy bunny suit, and lock the door behind you. It’s time to control this playmate in search of her master.

Rabi-Ribi is an action-based 2D Metroidvania with a huge map to discover and lots of backtracking. Standard fare for now but this is where the norm gets thrown out the window. For starters, every character, including NPC’s, is a cute girl. Then throw into the mix a mallet-wielding protagonist who teams up with a fairy, and you have yourself a beginner’s guide to Japanese creative madness.

As all games go, you start off being pretty harmless but things will rapidly change once you get your hands on a hammer that powers up the more you use it. You will master combos, rise-up attacks, take downs, and special attacks.

Be warned, however: you can’t simply mash buttons and hope for the best. There is a meter that regulates the usage of your default melee attacks, and once it empties, you will have to wait for it to refill–while not being able to attack– before you go out on another killing spree. Let me tell you, getting killed by a lowly blob while you are recharging is embarrassing.

Since Rabi-Ribi is a mashup of bullet-hell with 2D platforming, most bosses you will encounter will have two phases: a normal phase where you clobber them with attacks and they return the favor, and a bullet-hell phase that has them attack you with a flurry of bullets as you attempt to avoid them from across the screen.

Boss fights are fun, intense, and generally break up the monotony that sometimes comes bundled with Metroidvania games.

Items are crucial in the game and vary from health and meter upgrades to double jumps, carrot bombs–think bombs in Zelda games–and techniques like slides and wall jumps that will be needed to access otherwise locked-off sections. It is a pretty

Rabi-Ribi is a pretty straightforward game that will never really leave your hand. It will inform you when you need an item to cross a certain area, and more times than not will also point you in the direction you need to be headed to find said item.

After defeating a boss, you will recruit her and send her to the main village to gain a boost to your stats or an item you will require to traverse a locked area with.

Badges can also be found in certain hard-to-reach areas that grant you permanent improvements to your stats and will play a major factor in beating the game. This is not an easy game but it is also not impossible. The lighthearted tone can be deceiving, but the tight controls and ample assistance along your way will ascertain that you never get stuck or lost.

Rabi-Ribi is a game that got me by surprise as I had no idea what I was getting into when I downloaded the game.  I was expecting more of a Touhou game (Bullet hell, for the uninformed) but ended up playing a game that was blissfully reminiscent of the Megadrive era.it is a pretty awesome game that oozes charm, doesn’t feel cheap and best of all, a blast to play.

Rabi-Ribi is a pretty awesome game that oozes charm, doesn’t feel cheap, and best of all, is a blast to play.


Rabi-Ribi is a Playstation exclusive available for PS4 [reviewed] and PSVITA. A review code was made available to us via Sekai Project.

a huge world to explore
a good mix of platforming and bullet hell
a good value for your gaming dollars
cute retro graphics
Story is lost in translation
May not appeal to everyone