This review is an ongoing continuation of the episodic adventures of “Life is Strange: Before the Storm.” The inevitable conclusion is sadly known to us since this is a prequel to the stellar Life is Strange. Regardless, we are all here for the ride to witness the unraveling of the events that led to the first game.

Episode 2, all things considered, is a much better endeavor than the first episode was, now that Chloe and Rachel have met, and opens up on a high note after the cliffhanger from the previous episode.

You can easily notice the improved art direction, focus on secondary characters, and impressive cinematography that is being applied. These are always a good indicator of an ongoing project of care and updates by the developers. The alternative would have been to release lazy, half-baked episodes to provide more content after people have already forked over the cash.

Episode 2 focuses on the impact of Chloe’s decisions, how she acts, responds, and interacts with everyone and each situation. As always, your actions and decisions will alter the narrative moving onward.

This alone is tempting enough to play this chapter multiple times just to simply see what would have happened and how the narrative would have changed had you selected other choices. For your money’s worth, this is a good thing and can make a game that is meant to be a few hours last a little longer.

Sadly the game still has some issues. The graphical quality, while still good, has some minor hiccups, especially with the low-quality general settings. Also, why is less attention being given to most all secondary characters? Voice acting can be wonky at times and some inconsistencies here and there can distract from the overall enjoyment of the game, but not too much.

Ultimately, this was a good second episode that did things a bit better than the first episode. It is basically the same game and still has no major surprises, plot twists, or a worthy cliffhanger that would have had me anticipating the 3rd episode. For the rest of you who enjoy a slice of life drama and a touching human story, you will still find more to love here than to hate.



Quality is consistently being improved
Ggood cinematography and music
The results of your decisions are tangible and satisfying
Graphical quality is still underwhelming
Technical inconsistencies can drag down the experience